Ways to donate money direct to the Landrums/Burnetts


Cash is needed, we are staying in an AirBNB. Some have donated nights, also so they

can save up to find a place to live

Food, Dog food, supplies etc. this money helps with that.


Venmo: @Lj-Landrum

PayPal: lj@luminousmidnight.com (please send friends and family)

Zelle: thrillyjean@gmail.com


Checks can be mailed, I will mobile deposit them to the correct account.

C/O L.j Landrum

2519 Nolensville Pike

Nashville, TN 37211

Cash can be dropped off if you are in Nashville at Totally Rad Toyhouse ( please bring in an envelope labeled "For Landrum Family"


I will create an Amazon wish list as soon as I can and get them all to add stuff needed. The things they lost the most of will be shoes, rugs, pots and pans, things that are down low.


MOSTLY, cleaning supplies, Clorox wipes, gloves, totes with lids, packing materials, sturdy boxes, Windex, paper towels. 

It is a mess! Everything from the waist down is covered in stinky mud. Everything in there smells like that mud, so everything we pack needs cleaned!

It is hard to explain the feeling you have when your family loses everything over night. 

So I am trying to help them in the biggest and best ways I can and make this as easy on them as I can. 

I will never be fully able to express the the amount of gratitude I have for anyone's generosity.