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We have a parking lot right behind us with a back entrance.

There is also street parking up front and a few on Woodbine St.

From Nolensville Pike you turn on to Woodbine St.

the FIRST right is the alley to our lot, 3rd one down.

Red X is NOT our parking.

There is also more street parking than shown.



Where can I park at your store?

We are RIGHT on Nolensville Pike, so there is plenty of street parking. We have a few spots right behind the building in the marked lot. Please do not park in our neighbor's lot or at the bank.


Do you offer Lay-Away?

At this time we do not offer any sort of Lay-Away.


Will you hold an item?

We will hold items for 1 week. You must message or call to have the item held and this is on a first-come basis.


Can I pre-order something with you?

It depends on who it is with, give us a call or e-mail and we can let you know! We have a lot of Pre-order items on our webstore go give it a look

right HERE.


Do you sell on-line?

Yes, we have an eBay with limited supply.

We have some new items and pre-order items on


We like to keep the rest in the shop for the personal experience.


Do you buy toys?

You bet we do!

We want to see collections from the 60's up to the current day.

Click HERE for more on selling or trading to us.


We also can give advice on selling if you want to talk about that!

Do you buy Beanie Babies?

No. This is the most asked question. We suggest donating them or using your local Marketplace

to sell them yourself.

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