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Where can I park at your store?

We have our own parking lot with 18 spots!


Do you offer Lay-Away?

At this time we do not offer any sort of Lay-Away.

We do have a payment plan available on our online store


Will you hold an item?

If it is a Toyhouse item we will hold for 24 hours,

we can not hold vendor items. 

Can I pre-order something with you?

We have stopped taking pre-orders and focus

on vintage items. 


Do you sell on-line?

Yes! We have eBay for global shipping, auctions and parts. We have an online store! WWW.SHOPTRT.COM some items may still be in-store only but almost everything is on the site!

Do you buy toys?

Yes and NO. We are extremely selective when 

it comes to buying and trading. 

We recommend looking at our Vendor information

for the best way to make the MOST from your collection. Info can be found HERE 


We also can give advice on selling if you want to talk about that!

Do you buy Beanie Babies?

No. This is the most asked question. We suggest donating them or using your local Marketplace

to sell them yourself.

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