We are buying toys and offer Trade Credit!

E-mail or Message on Facebook to set up an appointment.

Buying and Trading with Totally Rad Toyhouse.

Any amount over $100.00 is paid for with a check.

Valid ID is required.

All trade credit is given on a gift card you will be responsible for.

More than 4 large totes or boxes we ask you to make an appointment to make sure

we are ready to price that amount.

We try to get anything brought to us priced within a few hours or under 24 hours

We suggest having something planned to do in the area if we are pricing someone else

or are busy it might take a few hours.


It's best to e-mail us at info@totallyradtoyhouse.com


If you have more than a truckload we will travel to see what we would take and give you a rough estimate.

Items should be in “Sellable” condition, very broken, very dirty items will be rejected.


Dirty but cleanable items are priced on the condition we are TAKING them in, not after our clean up.


We will reject any items we deem unsellable or not wanted for the store.

Some parts, weapons, and pieces to other toys are acceptable if not broken.

We try to offer very fair prices and have to pay for this store.

If you are wanting top dollar for what you saw on eBay, sell it on eBay!

Our pricing is taking out the hassle of that.

If you get our price and want to take your stuff elsewhere for

another price and end up coming back to us we will give you 10% less than our first offer.


We will call you or text you after your price is ready.

We give you 48 hours to come back for payment or your items, after that time we will consider them abandoned and take possession at that time.

We cannot price or sell your items until the buy is complete, we have limited space and cannot hold on to your items for weeks waiting to see if we can put them out.

Come back for your money or items!

We have all of this in a contract you will sign before we process your items.