We are buying toys and only offering 

Trade Credit at this time.

See our FAQ area for details on that.



Come celebrate our 1 year as a brick and mortar goodness filled Toyhouse!

What a wild year we had but we couldn't have done it without the full-on awesomeness of YOU our amazing customers!

We thank you so very much for your support over this year. A year ago we planned on having the same sort of party with pizza and everything, but boy o boy are things different these days.

SO, we came up with some other fun stuff.

We will be celebrating Saturday, Sept. 12th and Sunday, 13th (normal hours)

There will be the "Bowl O Discounts" and the new "You Spin Me Round Round Baby Discount Spinner!"

Door Prizes and other discounts throughout the day.

Our Raffle prizes will be announced this weekend and tickets can be bought from then until 5 pm on the 13th when we will draw our winners, that's right WINNERS. We are going to have a few raffles going.

We will have the DIG BINS out all weekend long (we will sanitize them often)

and Cupcakes TO GO.

Our normal shopping policies will be in place:

8 MAX in at a time (NO booking for the weekend)

Mask required to enter and we ask you to kindly sanitize your grabbers.

There will be videos being made throughout the day, let us know if you do NOT

want to be included in that.

We hope you can make it out!

We will be included in the docuseries

A Toy Store Near You

Click the image to go and subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

toy store near.jpg



We have a rewards program in place in the shop!

Every dollar you spend is 1 point, here is the reward!



1. Mask are REQUIRED to enter. We have some available if you do not have one.

2. Sanitize your hands when you enter, there will be a bottle right by the door.

3. We are accepting CARDS and CASH now, cards are preferred.

4. 8 people are allowed in the shop, this is the MAX number.

5. Appointments will be honored first (book online) and then walk-ins

6. Practice Social Distancing the best you can in 900 square feet.


We are so small we are not making one-way shopping we just hope

people can use some common sense.


We do ask you to look with your eyes more than touching but we also know to dig you have to move stuff around, that is why we ask you to sanitize those mittens.