We are Buying and Trading!

See our FAQ about Toy Buying for details on that.


As things pick up and get back to full swing we wanted to take a moment to give you some updates on The Toyhouse!

First and most importantly, this month from June 19th to the 28th we will have NO Buying or Trading. Matthew does all the

buying and he will not be here so please hold off on bringing anything in until after the 28th.


Secondly, we have been asked a lot about wearing masks in the shop. We no longer require you to wear one

but would greatly appreciate it if you did.

Us and our staff will still be wearing one and sanitizing highly touched areas and the cash register after use.

We made this choice to make those who shop here who might still want to wear one feel comfortable to come in and shop.

Continuing to wear one along with us helps make others comfortable and remain safe, especially if you are not vaccinated.


With that being said, we do ask if you are under the weather to please wait until you feel better or wear a mask.

We still have free ones at the counter, just ask us for one.


Lastly, starting in July until October we will be OPEN on Wednesdays for the summer!

That's right, 7 days of Totally Rad Toyhouse!


As always we have to thank you all for the support from our new and old customers.

You help us remain and we will always be thankful for that!

We have a PRESS area you can see articles and vlogs about the Toyhouse!